Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting started.

Well this probably wasn't the best week to get started on this new project. If my schedule is anything to go by there will be very little happening creatively with me. However while the idea was fresh in my mind I thought I'd run with it and get the blog set up. I have no idea how this will evolve but my aim is to try and create a new piece every week or so and record the process and whatever captures my imagination along the way.Its not the evolution of a collection..some ideas may run, but other garments and looks will stand alone.Some weeks it may not even be about fashion, but other art and design disciplines that I am interested in...who knows. At this point I'm going to just let it evolve naturally and given time I hope it will develop in a more structured and focused project. But the main aim of this assignment: To get creative.

1 comment:

  1. Well done you, Pamela. You are very wise to put your creativity challange 'out there' it makes it more REAL somehow. Also think yer right to push the boundaries of yer creative spirit byond fashion, I think,you will bounce back to it again with more 'zest'
    Wishing ya all d best, will pop into yer blog to see how your doing. B-) Trish Keilthy