Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nana's photo's!

I got a wonderful gift this week, well what I consider to be a wonderful gift.

My grandmother was sorting through old paperwork and the like and in amongst a pile books which was about to be thrown out my mother found a photo album and a large amount of old photos and negatives of my grandmother when she was in her twenties. In amongst the images of my every glamorous grandmother were images of cousins, neighbours and even pen pals. Even  Nana  had not seen this album in over 50 years so thanks to my mothers sharp eye, this part of my family history was saved from the recycling bin.

This little treasure of photos was promptly passed on to me as I for some reason am always considered to be the one who will 'appreciate them the most'. I have spent the weekend delving through the images and trying to investigate what remains within the 100's of negatives, amongst which I think I have found images of my grandparents honeymoon.
I could base a whole collection around these images, the clothing in them, and the stories that I create around these images in my imagination . The past inspires and fascinates me so much. It always has been the core of everything I create. Creating pieces inspired by aspects of what interests me in history has always been my way of bringing my two passions together. So you can imaging how excited I was at this discovery...who knows where I may take it.Think this could be a really good starting point.

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  1. Beautiful pics! I love how they used to pose in photos, now we're all dramatic and an over emphasis on body shapes! but they have a beautiful stillness and calm about them, even in the playful ones they're demure.... lovely!